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About The Department of Electrical Engineering

'Our mission is to provide an enabling and student-centred environment for the impartation of a wide range of skills and concepts in Electrical Engineering, and to inculcate aptitudes and attitudes that would aid in a seamless transition into the workplace and the practice of Engineering.'

We are indeed happy that you share the same excitement for electrical and electronic engineering that we ourselves feel in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Guyana. If you have a love for high technology, an analytical mind and a desire for problem solving this dynamic field is for you. This branch of engineering is the fastest evolving and most exciting of the engineering disciplines. Look around you. The most significant technological developments and innovations of the last several decades -- from computers to digital and mobile communications systems -- have all emerged from electrical engineering. As an electrical engineer, you focus on the transfer of both electrical energy and information.

We pride ourselves in offering very strong programs which emphasize not only the theoretical fundamentals but also the practical aspects of the engineering profession. The department runs its own photo voltaic research facility on campus, where we conduct tests to assist us in the development of a system applicable to low cost housing.

Our lecturers are dynamic and constantly strive to improve the quality of the academic programs.

We welcome you to join us as we face the challenges of a rapidly changing technological world.